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Job Status 'Parts to be Ordered'

Is it possible to have this status added, I realise it may mess up the page formatting adding a new box, but it is a missing part in the service chain.

Hi Steve,

It's actually there - Well, in disguise :p 

When we look deep enough, there are probably 10 other status's that we could add but it just makes Dispatch Board too cluttered. So, the trick to this is to manipulate another Status, such as 'Problem Jobs' or 'Updated by Engineer.....'. 

Basically, any jobs that are in between status's, you can keep in one of these. For instance, if I attended a job and wanted to order a part, I would add the part to the job and then move it to 'Updated by Engineer......' status. Then, when the order has been placed later that day, I return to the job, change the part status to 'Ordered' and I'd move it to Awaiting Parts. Likewise if I didn't have a part number to add it to a job on site, I'd still move it to 'Updated by I know that any jobs in that status need attention when I returned to base.

Hope that helps...


we use the updated by engineer for the office to close the job down on whatever portal it needs closing on/ invoice it/ entering to our accounts package. What would benefit/prompt me is a box that I can see a figure in. For example before we order parts we try and get the customer to pay first, so the job get moved to awaiting payment, when they have paid we cant move it to awaiting parts as they could get missed with the other jobs in there.

Hi Steve, I've had an idea... We'll add 'Parts To Be Ordered' as a selectable job status when saving a job card and then when you press 'Awaiting Parts' on the Dispatch Board, that'll present you with 2 job lists. 1 headed 'Parts Ordered', one headed 'Parts To Be Ordered'. By doing this, we acheive what you want but without having to disrupt the Dispatch Board layout :) 

See the mock up example below:

Excelent Idea

That's now on the Development Schedule - Will be mid / late December implementation :)

HI Steve,

We found a better way to highlight jobs that have parts waiting to be ordered so we implemented it today. In your 'Awaiting Parts' List, any job in red indicates that there's parts on there that need to be ordered.

Hope this makes it a bit easier :)


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