Account Settings are where any user should start. Here, you can add all the information you need to pre-fill invoices & quotes. You can add all your business details including a logo so everything looks great when you send an invoice.

Upload your Logo:

You can upload your Logo by using the Logo Upload Module. This will replace our Logo on your SERVICEmate Account on all screens and also PDF Quotes / Invoices.

Theme Colours:

Change your theme colours to represent your business. When you add a Logo, change your theme using the colour pickers so when you're using SERVICEmate either in the office or on the road with an iPad, it look both professional & great! 

Add your Company Data:

All of your Company Data will pre-fill on PDF Quotes & Invoices. People like to see the minimum of an Address and telephone number so this is where you can input all that information.

Financial Settings:

VAT Registered? If so, here's where you can input your VAT Number and a VAT Rate so your Job Cards automatically add VAT to any pricing tables on your Job Cards & PDF Quotes / Invoices.

Change Password:

Simply enter your old password followed by a new password to change your account password.

Email Settings:

Here you can tell the system who to send emails from and add a signature to all emails sent. For instance, if your business is called ABC Electrics, you would input that in to the 'From' Field so any recipient knows who the email is from. You can also then add a signature which is usually your business address and contact details and it can also be used for inputting payment preferences, such as Bank Details etc so recipients know where to make payment of any Invoice.

Invoice Templates:

You can generate Invoice Templates for PDF Quotes & Invoice emails. You can also add Pay Online buttons if you are a PayPal Business Account Holder meaning that your customers can pay your quotes or invoices quickly online.

Job Number Settings:

Most people don't want to see job number 1! Or you might be continuing from another system? So, if you enter a number in this box, the next job you book will start from that number.

Export Data

This will generate a complete data export in .csv format so you can use your data as you wish. Data exports can take up to an hour depending on the size of your database.