Stock Control is where you do this. In Stock Control, you can add all of your stock so you can keep up to date with what you have and what you haven't got.

Source It - Source it means that if opted in, your stock can be searched by another user that is looking for a specific part. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO USER CAN SEE YOUR STOCK, If a user searches for PMP988 (For example), it'll display contact details for all users with a PMP988 in stock. This feature is great for obtaining out of stock parts quickly and also shifting that part you might have had for an age if someone calls / emails you asking if you would like to sell it.

To test this feature, input PMP988 in to the part number field and press 'SOURCE IT'.

When you are adding parts to a Job Card, as you type, it will be searching your Stock Control to see if you have the item in stock. If you do, it'll tell you! It'll even then fill in the rest of the part line for you! 

You can set notifications for low stock, so when you get down to a certain number, your SERVICEmate will email you to let you know that you have to re-order that item.