You Job Card is the 'Hub' of your job. This is where all the job information is collected and stored. The Job Card has been designed in a logical order so you'll see the following sections:

HEADER - In the header, you'll see the unique job number

CURRENT JOB STATUS - This is the current status of the job, i.e Waiting Parts or Waiting Customer Response etc

CUSTOMER DETAILS - This section contains the customers address & contact details

INVOICE DETAILS - Who's paying the bill? This is where it'll tell you. If you have Trade Accounts set up, you can select a Trade Account as the bill payer here or NONTRADE if it's a private / chargeable job.

TRADE SPECIFIC JOB DETAILS - Depending on what Trade Type you have selected as your default, depends on what's displayed here. All relevant Trade Type Requirement information lives here. For instance, if you are an Appliance Repairer, here is where you would see all the appliance details, model numbers, serial numbers etc. Also within this section is POLICY DETAILS. If you are invoicing a Trade Account, you may need to collect insurance / guarantee information. This is where the information goes.

JOB NOTES & CONTACT HISTORY - All notes and actions are recorded from job bookings to sending TXT's or emails. You can also upload images on to the Job Card from this section from a desktop or a mobile device - Ideal for capturing rating plates, before & after pictures etc.

VISIT HISTORY - All appointments are kept here in one tidy place. Quickly see when you've booked appointments for and see the outcome of each visit.

PART / MATERIALS USAGE - Anything you use will be recorded here. All costs are automatically added to the parts / materials section in Job Financial details saving time, effort and cutting out mistakes.

JOB FINANCIAL DETAILS - Here is a summary of all costs from a callout fee to labour charge, parts used, VAT & Payments received / payments due.

CUSTOMER SIGNATURE - If you're using a mobile device, you can capture customer signatures! Simply click on the box and the customer signs your tablet.

FINANCIAL ACTIONS - This is where you can download or email quotes or invoices. Literally at the touch of a button saving lots of Admin time after leaving the job site.

JOB ACTIONS - Here you can select what you want to do with the job. Cancel it, change status, complete it or print a paper job card (For those not using mobile devices).