SERVICEmate has 3 different options. We do not charge less for half a system and more for extra things, we have priced SERVICEmate as a complete system unlike any of it's rival Job Management Systems where you have to pay for set levels of functionality that you essentially need in order for it to become worth having. Even 'Free' systems aren't actually viable for use in the 'Free' state as when you start paying for extra modules and creating accounts with 3rd Party Service Providers for Postcode Lookups and TXT Messaging facilities etc then you quickly see that 'Free' turns in to quite an expense!

SERVICEmate is priced as below:

Pay As You Go

We believe this is the best option as you only pay for what you use. With PAYG, there are no Monthly fees, no joining fees, no set up fees - You simply purchase credit packs that you use as and when you book jobs. PAYG is ideal for Sole Trader / Smaller business sizes as when you're quiet, your cost drops also or when you're on holiday, you're not paying for a system that you're not using! Job Credits start at just £0.30p Per Job - When you look at what you get in return, that's simply unbelievable value!

Monthly Direct Debit - Unlimited Job Bookings

This is ideal for larger business sizes. With Monthly Direct Debit, we simply agree a fixed monthly amount with you and that's what you pay regardless of the number of jobs you book.

Outright Purchase

SERVICEmate is hosted on a UK Based Dedicated Server with all the safety of Server Backups, fire precautions and Tier Style Security that you would expect from a Dedicated Server however some businesses have requested to essentially buy SERVICEmate so they can host it on their own servers and be in complete ownership of it. With outright purchase, you will work with our development team to place the system on to a server / domain that you own and you will then have the choice of On-Going Support and continuos updates (i.e when we update SERVICEmate with an improvement or new features, we can also update your owned system). 

If you would like to discuss any of the options above, please get in touch by emailing us at: or call us on 0800 612 6226.