As standard, you manually select what Engineer to assign a job to. However, if you embark on to Enhanced Allocations (A switch in your Account Settings), then you can add Postcodes, days, skill-sets and job limits to Engineers. This means that as a Sole Trader, you can customise where you want to go and when or as a larger multi-engineer business, you can allocate different Engineers to different Postcodes and skill-sets. This ensures that if you have a Gas Repair in let's say B21 and you have 3 Engineers covering B21 but only 1 Gas Safe Registered Engineer, you'll only be able to book that job to the Gas Safe Engineer. When using Enhanced Allocations, you cannot book a job to an unskilled Engineer or a job to an Engineer who does not cover that area. You can manually over-ride the system though if you need to but this is a physical action that you have to do and a log of that event is made.